I want to be a high school English teacher so I pondered on how I would teach Victorian gender...

1) Have students bring something from home that represents themselves
      (you can bring extra items as spares, just make sure they are clearly gender stereotypical)

2) Break your students down into small groups and have them explain their items

3) Have a guessing game- who brought what?
       still working in groups- why do you think he/she brought this

4) Map out gender stereotypes of our day- relate it to their everyday life (How do you tell the difference between a guy and a girl? What if you cannot see them?) *Bring in media: pictures, videos, magazines, etc

Once you have laid the foundation for understanding of gender in today's world, you can compare and contrast it to the gender stereotypes and expectations from the Victorian Era.

*I have not started my English teaching classes, so this is theoretical 

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